We are in the process of updating our website – we have recently given the whole thing a facelift thanks to the amazing skills of GEORGE CHALLISS at Orange Oak Marketing. We are now tweaking and editing some vital elements, namely the services we offer for schools and some of the background content.

We are working on a new exciting project that will put SCUBA diving into schools and other educational organisations.

We hope to start Blogging more which will be a good way of sharing interesting information and stories relating to the world of SCUBA and the environment. Politics are of course intrinsic to the world of environmental issues, and we will make comments about these but we will refrain from political views outside of that context. Brexit will only be mentioned if it is relevant to the issue. ie an environmental or diving issue, not general day-to-day politics.

We have been very busy teaching lots of new divers in Open Water courses and Try Dives which has been great. We will soon be going out to the open water to get them finished. We have Advanced Open Water courses coming up as well – 18th and 19th May. That’s it for now as this is our first real entry into the world of blogging so I just wanted to give an update and to share it on FB – basically to see if it works 🙂 Happy Diving

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