Our Annual Holiday

One of our favourite times of the year is getting to take a group of keen divers to experience the wonders of the Egyptian Red Sea.

It is a fantastic chance for all levels of divers to discover what open water diving has to offer with an array of beautiful and fascinating fish and coral. It is the perfect introduction to diving if you are new to the sport as you get to go away with a group of passionate people that love to dive and talk about diving. If you are an experienced diver then we don’t need to tell you how great spending a week on a boat with like-minded people is, you already know!

Dave and Rob are both keen photographers and are always happy to talk about f-stops and exposure because it’s a fantastic place to learn new skills and being the Red Sea, it has an abundance of things to take pictures of.

The trips we run last for one week and are generally on a liveaboard boat. This means that we live aboard the boat for the duration of the trip and get to dive at least three times a day, often with a night dive too. We will spend the first night in dock and then depart on the first morning to travel to, and dive, different sites. We do different parts of the Red Sea, sometimes in the north and sometimes in the south. Liveaboards are all-inclusive so the only thing you pay extra for is a cold beer at the end of the days diving.

We always have a great trip and see lots of amazing sites.

Please see below a few pictures from some of our trips and phone us on 01227 750021 to find out more.