Scuba for schools

Giving young pupils the chance to experience scuba diving and find new hobbies and activities

The team at whitstableSCUBA have got years of experience working with young people. We have organised diving courses within school premises and at external locations. Depending on what facilities you have and what level of service you require, we can arrange and coordinate a variety of activities to suit your needs. We have organised single events, on-going weekly sessions, group programmes and foreign trips. 

Your learners can take part in a variety of activities from simply introducing them to scuba to getting qualified, and even taking an adventure to a different country such as the Egyptian Red Sea. All diving programmes will be conducted through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and adhere to their standards and procedures.


What we can do

Discover Scuba
Your learners will go through a classroom presentation to talk about the joys of scuba and the different reasons why people get involved in it. This is very informal and interaction is encouraged. They will learn about scuba equipment, some of the basic safety considerations and will be introduced to communicating without speaking. There will be a multiple choice quiz at the end to confirm their understanding before going to the pool to try scuba for the first time. Please see further info in the course pages
Open Water Course

Going beyond the Discover Scuba Experience, your learners can get qualified which will enable them to dive whenever they want. The Open Water Course is made up of five sections; we will come to your organisation and conduct weekly sessions to work our way through them. By the end of the fifth week they will have finished all their theory and pool training, and be ready to complete the 4 required dives to qualify. We can then organise two half days to take them out to an inland site where it is safe and controlled. They will complete 2 dives per day and get their qualification which enables them to dive to 18 metres anywhere in the world. Please see further info in the course pages.

O/W Course Abroad

Learners will complete the theory and pool training in the same manner as the silver package, but will then be taken abroad to complete their course and get qualified. This is a fantastic way of learning to dive with friends and peers and having a truly memorable experience. Members of our team will accompany you on the trip to oversee the diving and coordinate the activities. Trips and diving will be booked through reputable ABTA travel agents where required insurances and risk assessments are in place. We have worked with dive centres abroad many times, and are able to easily coordinate everything needed for a successful trip.

Christian also helpfully liaised with myself and other teachers at the school
prior to his visits, in order to tailor his presentation and advice to the needs
of our pupils, meaning it was perfectly apt for our children. Thanks to his
presentations and advice, our pupils are now very keen on learning to dive
in the future and have had several misconceptions about sea-life tackled,
making them more confident about learning to scuba-dive and more
determined to help reduce marine pollution in the future.

Alex Leone
Upper School Leader,
Whitstable & Seasalter Endowed CE Junior School