Specialty Courses

Age: From 10 years 

Duration: Flexible

Location: Various

Prices includes:
 – see course specifics for details

Specialty Dive Courses – get qualified in specialty diving techniques

At Whitstable Scuba Ltd we offer a large range of specialty courses. They vary from one to two days and some involve classroom work.

 Maybe you want to increase your bottom time by doing a Nitrox course or fancy diving in cooler water so will need to do your Dry suit course, either way there is a course to increase your skills and broaden your diving horizons. Specialty courses are flexible and can be built around existing training and can be conducted either here or abroad on diving trips. They are a great way to increase your diving knowledge and experience and for achieving a PADI Master Scuba Diver.

Take a look at the Course Specifics tab to find out more about each specific course we offer.

Choose from the following courses:

Peak Performance Buoyancy – 2 dives in 1 day – absolutely ideal for learning and improving new buoyancy techniques for £110.00 – min age 10

Dry suit – 1 pool session and 2 open water dives – learn how to use a dry suit and go diving in cooler water and  be allowed to get dry suit hire for £150 min age 12

Wreck Diver – 4 dives over 2 days – learn wreck diving procedures £210.00 – min age 15

Deep Diver – 4 dives over 2 days –  learn deep diving techniques £210.00 – min age 15

Enriched Air Diver – Theory only – learn to stay deeper for longer £150.00 – min age 15

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Equipment Specialist – Theory only – learn to manage your equipment and scuba system components – £150.00 – min age 15

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Search and Recovery – 4 dives over 2 days –  learn search patterns and lifting techniques £210.00 – min age 12

Drift Diver – 2 dives in 1 day –  learn drift diving techniques £150.00 – min age 12

Navigator – 3 dives over 1 or 2 days, improve your navigation £185.00 – min age 10

All courses will need relevant medical and releases and have a Crewpack or eLearning pack included