Open Water Referral

Age: From 10 years

Duration: Flexible – normally 2 days

Max-Depth: Subject to qualification of PADI Open Water Course

Location: Whitstable Pool

Price includes:

  • All equipment hire
  • Air fills
  • Pool Entry Fee
  • Educational materials

Open Water Referral – start here, finish on holiday

Diver certification starts here, finish the adventure abroad.

The Open Water Referral option is exactly the same as the Open Water Course except you will not complete the four required dives to get qualified with us. This is the ideal option for those that are going on holiday but don’t want to spend a couple of days in the classroom doing the theory part.

We will sign your paperwork to verify that you have completed the theory and pool training which you then take to another PADI Dive Centre anywhere in the world to get qualified.

Take a look at the Course Specifics tab to find out more about what will happen on the course

This course means that you spend less time of your holiday in the classroom and more time diving. If you start the Referral option with Whitstable Scuba, all your pool training and theory sessions are completed here in the UK, leaving only the 4 open water dives for you to do whilst on holiday.

The Open Water Referral Course is the same as the first part of the PADI Open Water complete.

When you have finished your training, we will sign off your referral forms and at this point, you are ready to take your paperwork abroad which you will present to your chosen PADI dive centre and finish your course.


The first step is to get your Open Water Crewpack and PADI DVD and complete independent study at home.

Your manual will have 5 chapters with a knowledge review at the end of each one – you will need to study each chapter and complete all relevant knowledge reviews.

After this, you will then have some study sessions with us where we go over each chapter with you and make sure you fully understand everything you need to.

There will be a quiz at the end of each chapter and then a multiple choice final exam.


This will be conducted in Whitstable swimming pool, taking you through from the basics like kit assembly, to the more advanced skills such as hovering and removing and replacing your kit underwater. There is a natural progression with the skills, each one builds on the last so you gain confidence at a natural pace and never feel out of your depth. You will also be required to swim 200m any stroke and tread water / float for 10 minutes. We will endeavour to ensure you have enough time to practice your skills so you feel ready to go onto the next step.

To take part in an Open Water Referral course all you need is:
  • to be in reasonable health
  • be over 10 years old*
*Under 16’s need to be accompanied by an adult

To ensure you get the most out of your course and your time with us, please arrive ready to go. Make sure you bring with you:

Now you are able to dive down to 18 meters and dive in the open sea without an instructor. However, there is always more to learn!

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