Every sport, hobby and interest requires you to buy a certain amount of kit and equipment. You obviously need trainers and a racket to play badminton and a bike to get into cycling. The hardest thing about choosing your kit is sifting through the choice in front of you. There is just so much to choose from but what are the main criteria you have to think about when selecting your Kit.

For most of us, budget is the guiding force that determines a lot of our purchases and scuba is no different. A throwaway mask for a tenner or a supercool red filtered top of the range model for £100. A BCD and Reg set for £400 or Rebreathers and full-face masks for thousands. A supermarket wetsuit for £30 or a three-piece version for £300.. With all things, it is important that you work out what you can afford and then figure out what is best for you.

Once you have an idea of budget then suitability has to come pretty high up the list. Do you need all the bells and whistles if you are only going to go on a couple of weeks diving a year? By all means, buy it if you can afford it, but just be a bit careful about buying something that is totally unsuitable for what you need. Having said that, you also need to weigh that up with being able to do some different types of diving. You might buy a Shorty for a tropical holiday but realise that you need something longer and thicker because you’re going to the Canaries for example.

Getting value for money is also important as obviously nobody wants to pay too much for what it is they are buying. Getting scuba kit is exciting and rewarding because when you get it, you know that you have something to look forward to. Trying out a new set of regs in the pool before going on your dive holiday helps to build the anticipation of your upcoming trip.

Your kit is very important because once you have it, you get very attached to it. It is something that you rely upon and put your trust into. Feeling good about your purchase is vital as it helps with this bond. Trusting the person you buy your kit from is key as it brings together all the elements of suitability, value for money and budget. It’s great to know and feel that you’re getting all of the above.

Buying second hand kit is often a great way of getting a good deal especially if you get it from a dive centre. Whitstable Scuba are now offering a set of BCD and Regulators from their school. Yes, they’ve been used but they have been looked after and will be serviced before purchase. This is a good way of buying kit from someone you trust, that is suitable and value for money. Please get in touch for more details.

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