There’s a moment for every parent when they realise that a traditional birthday party with hats, cake, and entertainers just won’t cut it any more. It’s usually around the same time that your child decides that instead of asking for Lego or the latest fad toy they would rather have clothes, make up or money.

We hate to break it to you but you now have a ‘Tween’ in the house. No longer a child and not quite a teenager, the push to throw an epic and memorable birthday party suddenly becomes a struggle.

For many parents of tweenagers, the go to birthday celebration suddenly becomes pizza and cinema for a select group of friends. But, for a similar price, you could definitely host an experience that is far more memorable.

Introducing Whitstable Scuba’s Diving Parties

Whitstable Scuba’s qualified team of PADI Diving Instructors have developed a 2 hour party experience with a difference…it’s underwater.

Up to 8 children aged 8 and over, have a fun and interactive session learning the basics of scuba and learning to swim underwater. Then the fun and games begin with underwater relays, slaloms and upside-down egg and spoon races.

As birthday parties go, a Scuba party is pretty unforgettable, beating a disco, cinema trip or make over evening hands down. As an optional extra you can even order underwater photos of all the participants, providing a unique memory of a special day which certainly beats a standard party bag.

Learning through experience

Alongside the maximum enjoyment for participants, a Scuba party also provides a chance to learn a new skill and to maybe take it further. Every interest has to start somewhere after all and, with the recent worldwide success of BBC’s Blue Planet, could spark that urge to learn more about and take care of our oceans.

Whitstable Scuba is an PADI Approved Youth Training Centre with a wealth of experience working with divers of all ages, meaning that your children and their guests will be in safe hands.

If you’re interested in booking a party or in finding out more about diving lessons for children and teens, get in touch or check out our website.

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