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This course means that you spend less time of your holiday in the classroom and more time diving. If you start the Referral option with Whitstable Scuba, all your pool training and theory sessions are completed here in the UK, leaving only the 4 open water dives for you to do whilst on holiday.

The Open Water Referral Course is the same as the first part of the PADI Open Water complete.

When you have finished your training, we will either update the online PADI system or physically sign off your referral forms. You are now ready to go to your chosen PADI dive centre and finish your course.


The first step is to press the Book Now button. This will open up a booking form which will require completing and submitting. You will need to agree to our terms and conditions and make the course payment.

You will then be sent an email with a unique code and a link to follow where you will find the PADI course materials. Here, you will set up an online eLearning account with PADI and choose to do it either on a computer or on an iPad. This code will also be needed if you choose to do the Referral option.

Your e-manual has 5 chapters with knowledge checks and a final assessment. You will need to study each chapter and complete all knowledge assessments before you come to us at our classroom. We will then go over the fundaments with you to ensure you understand it all and to answer any further questions you may have.

You are required to use a diving computer on the course – this is a watch style computer that you wear underwater that gives you vital info like depth and time. It is part of the PADI course, so it is not only necessary for your teaching, it is also very important for your safety. We will teach you how to use and interact with it, so you have a good understanding of why all divers use one.

There is an App that you can download that means you can personalise it to you – YOU WILL NEED TO PAY A £100 DEPOSIT WHEN YOU COME TO US ON THE FIRST DAY – this allows you to use one of our computers for the duration of your training – on completion, you can choose to return it and get your money back, or pay an extra amount and we will give you a brand new one off the shelf which you can then link to the App and carry on diving.


This will be conducted in Whitstable swimming pool, taking you through from the basics like kit assembly, to the more advanced skills such as hovering and removing and replacing your kit underwater. There is a natural progression with the skills, each one builds on the last so you gain confidence at a natural pace and never feel out of your depth. You will also be required to swim 200m any stroke and tread water / float for 10 minutes. We will endeavour to ensure you have enough time to practice your skills so you feel ready to go onto the next step.

To take part in an Open Water Referral course all you need is:
  • to be in reasonable health
  • be over 10 years old*

*Under 16’s need to be accompanied by an adult